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conXion 2021: Geoffrey Moore speaks

conXion 2021 (October 5-7) – a meeting of minds: Connect with partners, customers, colleagues; share ideas, vent about issues and learn something new!

Bart Schouw Bart Schouw

The biggest mistake you can make in a truly connected world is to be disconnected. But transforming your organization to compete in an increasingly digital-born marketplace is a daunting task.

At conXion 2021 (October 5-7), Geoffrey Moore, the world-famous organizational theorist and author, will offer some advice on how your company can become truly connected and move the needle toward change.

I had the privilege of speaking to Moore in preparation of his interview with our CTO Bernd Gross.

Here are some tidbits from our discussion, which he will shine some light on during his interview with Bernd at conXion.

  • The purpose of your company is to serve your customer, not to serve yourself.
  • Companies may have transformed themselves, but the customer became more disconnected in the process.
  • You can change your operating model to focus on the success of your customers, but you need to be continually responding to their needs.

He will discuss the four prescriptive zones of transformation, outlined in his book, Zone to Win: Organizing to Compete in an Age of Disruption, and how to find the “trapped value” in your business model by becoming truly connected.

As Gross said: “The potential of a truly connected enterprise means you can do the unthinkable and achieve the unimaginable.”

This can only happen with a meeting of minds, connecting with partners, customers and colleagues to share ideas, vent about issues and learn something new. This is what conXion 2021 (October 5-7) is all about.

The event in a nutshell

  • Host: Chris Dancy, “the most connected man on earth,” with 20,000 different applications and devices interacting with his cyborg every day! He will take you on a journey from data as a source of information to the ultimate resource: Wisdom.
  • Speakers: Along with Moore, our CEO, Sanjay Brahmawar will talk about the “why” of the truly connected enterprise, and Dr. Elke Frank, CHRO, will discuss with Dancy how IT truly connects people. And, in an exclusive panel with Dr. Stefan Sigg (CPO) and Scott Little (CRO), you will hear Bank Mandiri and Digital Dubai talk about how they unlocked their digital “X factor.”
  • Products: At conXion, it’s never been so easy to find relevant content based on exactly your criteria. We’ve got customer and partner use cases—all categorized by industry and product. We’ve got product innovation sessions— with sneak preview roadmaps and insider information broken down by product.
  • Industry: There will be three industry roundtables spanning manufacturing, government, and communications & media, boasting some great leaders from Ernst & Young, TM Forum and the President of Digital Government Institute – including customers ranging from the National Cancer Institute, US Department of Education – Digital Government Institute, Ooredoo, StarHub, Telstra, PRAB and DVS AG to name just a few.
  • Networking: At our Networking Zone you can be matched based on similar profiles, to our experts, customers, speakers, participants, partners, prospects, users and board members.

Time-zone friendly

Each day, all the networking you do is aligned to your time zone:

October 5: EMEA

October 6: Americas

October 7: APJ

All sessions will be translated into nine different languages—so you won’t miss a thing.

We want to empower a world that sees technology and people come together for a smarter future. Register now* for conXion 2021. There’s no “we” without “you.”

*To access the post-event recordings (October 8th onwards) you should also register now.