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conXion 2021: A mind-altering event!

Learn more about Software AG’s conXion 2021, an event all about connectedness and the journey to becoming a truly connected enterprise.

Dr. Isabella Holst Dr. Isabella Holst

With conXion 2021 right around the corner (October 5-7), we’re pushing hard to ensure this important event in the Software AG calendar is a huge success. But just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean we’ll be measuring success in terms of download rates or viewing hours. We want this to be an event you’ll never forget. One that makes you think differently about the incredible potential the truly connected enterprise has to do the unthinkable and achieve the unimaginable. Of course, this takes big names, a relevant theme, an intriguing storyline, humor, variety, insider product info and (naturally) the chance to connect and engage with a vibrant community.

Here’s why conXion 2021 is going to change how you think about your enterprise.

AN IMPORTANT AND TIMELY THEME: The shift to digital is in hyperdrive, and there’s no stopping it. The opportunities it creates are being seized by future-ready businesses—the truly connected enterprises, able to change their world and ours. At this year’s conXion, we’ll deconstruct the fuel that propels these businesses into a limitless future. Why should you… and how can you … truly connect your enterprise? What outcomes and value might you stand to release? How does a truly connected enterprise enable you to elevate your business into a new dimension? How can you scale faster to embrace all the opportunities of a truly connected world?


A COMPELLING STORYLINE: Well, who better to host our event than Chris Dancy—THE MOST CONNECTED MAN ON EARTH. 20,000 different applications and devices interact with this cyborg every day! During the event, Chris will take us on a journey from data as a source of information to the ultimate resource: wisdom. Ever wondered how you can control time? A truly connected enterprise can, and Chris will show you how.

A HEAVY-HITTING LINEUP: In the General Session we’ve got our CEO, Sanjay Brahmawar on the WHY of the truly connected enterprise, none other than Geoffrey Moore—world-famous organizational theorist being interviewed by Bernd Gross, CTO, regarding competing in the new era of disruption, Elke Frank, CHRO, in interview with Chris Dancy on how IT truly connects people. And in an exclusive panel with Dr Stefan Sigg (CPO) and Scott Little (CRO) we’ll be asking Bank Mandiri and Digital Dubai, how they unlocked their digital “X factor.”

GREAT CONTENT, JUST FOR YOU: Of course, when you join us at conXion, you have something very targeted in mind. Usually, your enterprise has specific outcomes it wishes to achieve: Maybe that’s improving your customer’s experience. Getting more out of the technology you’re using to do it—webMethods API perhaps? Pivoting around changes in your industry—Manufacturing, maybe? Or understanding who’s pioneering what in your region.

At conXion, it’s never been so easy to find relevant content based on exactly your criteria. We’ve got customer and partner use cases—all categorized by industry and product. We’ve got product innovation sessions— with sneak preview roadmaps and insider information broken down by product.

We’ve got 3 industry roundtables spanning Manufacturing, Government, and Comms & Media boasting some great leaders from Ernst & YoungTM Forum and the President of Digital Government Institute including customers ranging from the National Cancer InstituteUS Department of EducationOoredooStarHubTelstraPRAB and DVS AG to name just a few. And we’ve got our Networking Zone where you can be matched based on similar profiles, to our experts, customers, speakers, participants, partners, prospects, users and board members.

A GLOBAL EVENT, WITH REGIONAL CONTENT: To ensure all the networking you do is aligned to your time zone each day is dedicated to a different region:

  • October 5: EMEA
  • October 6: Americas
  • October 7: APJ

BTW—the General session will be translated into 10 different languages—so you won’t miss a thing.

INTRODUCING THE STATE OF CONNECTEDNESS (SOC) INDEX: And there’s more: Together with Chris Dancy, Software AG is driving the world’s first SOC analysis. At the event, we’ll be asking you to anonymously complete a survey—capturing info on your digital habits, applications used, hybrid work patterns. Your data points will then be merged with global metrics to produce the SOC 21 index: A dynamic dashboard that captures how connected our conXion 21 community is in a world context. Why? Because we believe in a fluid flow of data and the power this has to unite us all across the globe. Fascinate over it when the index is published a week after the event.

We want to empower a world that sees technology and people come together for a smarter future. Register now* for conXion 21. There’s no we without you.

*To access the post-event recordings (October 8th onwards) you should also register now