Do you have the right tools for freedom?

“Freedom as a Service” means the freedom to roam; Alfabet gets you there.

Paula Ziehr Paula Ziehr

In my last blog about using enterprise architecture to optimize service management, I wrote about a recent RV trip I took using New Mexico’s state park campgrounds for our overnight stops.

Our new company slogan “Freedom as a Service” had just been launched and I couldn’t help thinking that this is personified by what the state parks system offers. 

The freedom to roam on the country’s most beautiful highways and byways and still have a place to rest with basic needs being met. But it wasn’t until our visit to the Abó pueblo ruins in Mountain Air when I really understood what “Freedom as a Service” can mean. That’s where my husband backed the RV into a low-lying boulder and broke off the external nozzle of the propane feed. We quickly shut down the propane system to avoid losing all of the gas but realized we had a problem. It was March and we were in the mountains. We had just left a snowy Santa Fe. Without heating in the RV even the most beautiful campsite would be bleak.

The next town where we could even hope for a repair was Alamogordo – 151 miles away. We’d need at least three hours to get there and it was already 3 pm. Despite the spotty reception on my phone I was able to find a few RV repair shops but they weren’t giving me much hope that they could fix it even if they could fit us in among all their scheduled repairs (“it may take a few days…”). Then I found Josh.

Josh said he’d meet us in the parking lot of Alamogordo’s Kent Kwik Convenient Stores. Just a few minutes late, Josh arrived in a truck the size of a small tank with every imaginable tool on earth. He took one look at the culprit, took from among his multitude of gizmos a plug that was just the right size, stooped down, hammered it in, stood up, shook our hands and said with a grin “That’s it – you’re on your way again!” We were free! With his magical mechanic’s motorized toolbox, Josh gave us our freedom back. That could be Josh’s slogan: “Freedom as a Service.”

Like Josh, Software AG has many tools to help its customers embrace the Internet of Things, APIs, B2B, mobile, cloud and more. Our open, independent technologies give our customers choice in how they want to innovate. With subscription-based models, we offer flexibility and full autonomy with choice of deploying on-premises or in the cloud. That’s freedom and that’s what Software AG offers. So come to Software AG with your challenges, goals and aspirations. We won’t leave you out in the cold.