SAG_Twitter_MEME_Meet_Us_Internet_Apr18-1The Internet of Things World Forum is where the world gathers to put the Internet of Things into action.

This is where Software AG and Cumulocity IoT will help you to experience everything. On May 14-17th in Santa Clara, at one of the world’s largest IoT events, we will be showing you:

  • Connected Store & Real-Time Supply Chain Inventory Management

IoT capabilities applied to RFID and crowd-sourcing concepts will catapult the accuracy and effectiveness of floor merchandise inventory, placement and engagement of shoppers. Seamless integrations to point-of-sale, e-commerce, supply chain and ERP back-ends will allow this connected retail experience to deliver detailed location, availability, information, guidance, promotions, and a simplified buying experience, building loyalty and enhancing a store and brand’s image.

  • Real-time Predictive Analytics at The Edge

By pushing real-time analytics closer to the edge - with context provided by historical data from other systems and with actionable data recognized earlier - only the relevant data is streamed to the central platform for further analysis and processes. This demonstration will show the flexibility of deployment options for predictive analytics.

  • Smart Manufacturing

See how the Cumulocity IoT platform is used in Industry 4.0 applications to drive efficiency, quality, and performance through holistic real-time visibility and analytics of contextualized information from equipment, manufacturing systems (like SCADA and MES), and enterprise systems (like CRM and ERP). See how the combination of device connectivity, streaming analytics, and world class integration delivers unmatched smart manufacturing capabilities.

  • How to build an IoT Solution in 10 Minutes with Amazon Alexa

Watch an end-to-end IoT solution created using Alexa. This demo will illustrate the open, web services architecture of the Cumulocity IoT platform, and the rapid time to value of the platform. You will see a device connected and supplying streaming data to the platform, a live dashboard created, smart rules applied, and an action taken. You will also see how integration to corporate business systems (like ERP) can be configured.

  • Presentations

Also at the event, I will be presenting twice. The first presentation will be Tuesday, 15 May 2018, from 9:30am - 9:50am. The talk, Effective IoT Implementation: Three Essential Considerations, is designed to give organizations a better idea of how to get started. 

My second presentation, Get Started with IoT: The Three Guiding Principles, goes into more detail. Historically getting started with IoT can seem like a monumental task, with many projects struggling to get off the ground. Both IT and business struggle understanding and managing the far-reaching implications of the IoT on their organization. Here, on May 16 at 1140 am, I will offer three ways to avoid the main obstacles to adopting IoT.

Lastly, the IoT is all about innovation, whether it’s within the largest brands leveraging their early investments in IoT or as start-ups looking to disrupt whole industries. There are few other places on the planet which are incubating innovation as fast as Silicon Valley. Cumulocity IoT scales to allow all organizations, from creative sole traders to global multi-nationals to innovate faster. Speak with us to learn how innovative organizations are reducing the pollution from London buses, ensuring the safety of the elderly, monitoring high performance eBikes, and many more all using Cumulocity IoT to manage the “plumbing” whilst they focus on their key differentiators.

Internet of Things World brings you the best technologies, strategies and case studies for every vertical that IoT will impact. Software AG will make sure you experience everything. See you there! 



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