SAG_Twitter_MEME_Improvements,-Enhancements,-Innovation_Oct17.jpgLost on the scary road to digital transformation? Like Dorothy and her intrepid friends in the Wizard of Oz, who eventually discovered the Yellow Brick Road, you will find a smoother path if you have trusted companions to help you.

It is in this spirit that we recently unveiled an unprecedented number of product improvements to further advance our innovative Digital Business Platform. By enhancing and improving our products and cloud capabilities our goal is to offer technology that drives innovation through digital transformation.

Here is a sampling of our latest improvements:

New to the ARIS platform:

  • Persona modeling and infographics, plus emotion tracking for Touchpoint analysis
  • New accelerators expedite compliance projects relating to the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • New support of JDBC® as a new data source for ARIS Aware
  • The addition of extended process discovery, including mining process variants, and process conformance checks (“as-is” vs. “to-be”) in ARIS Process Performance Manager
  • Support of IoT-driven business transformation initiatives in ARIS by including IoT objects in the design of process models by importing IoT device definitions from Cumulocity IoT.

New to Alfabet Strategic Portfolio and Enterprise Architecture Management platform:

  • Integration with JIRA furthering the linkage between strategic portfolio management and agile implementation and DevOps thereby enhancing adoption of multi-modal IT operating models
  • Reporting improvements featuring new end-user reporting with dynamic filtering, coloring and picture assignment.
  • Integration with Software AG’s API Portal facilitating participation in the API economy by exposing APIs and even promoting planned APIs while they are in the planning phase
  • Planning and Portfolio Management for Legal Entities: New objects and concepts facilitate identification of legal ownership supporting portfolio assessment and planning of the legal ownership structure as well as impact analysis of legal ownership changes.

New to webMethods Platform:

  • The introduction of 100+ recipes which are ‘out-of-the-box’ templates that enable citizen developers to quickly integrate SaaS applications
  • Also included are an additional 50+ new connectors and a generic REST connector to broaden webMethods integration possibilities
  • A new, lightweight Microservices container to the Software AG webMethods Integration Platform enabling developers to create a single application as a suite of small services
  • webMethods API Management platform new features include the ability to generate 50+ client SDK for APIs and API try out pages for testing of APIs protected by OAuth.
  • webMethods API Gateway new features include smart policy management for API enforcement, plans and packages for API monetization and advanced dashboards for analytics. And, to secure data in a world of open APIs, new and improved security policies have been added including OAuth2, SAML, Kerberos, OpenID and JWT as well as the ability to integrate with any OAuth2 authorization servers, including Ping Identity and Okta
  • webMethods Dynamic Apps enhancements include Dynamic Business Orchestrator which is a new process engine allowing dynamic step and process injection, Robotic Process Automation, which enables enterprises to automate high volume, repetitive, and time consuming business processes quickly and easily using robots, and the addition of predictive analytics and rules with the integration of Zementis
  • BigMemory – a market leading In-Memory Data Grid. This latest release introduces a new product named Software AG Terracotta DB, which is the industry’s first unified database combining operational and analytical processing. Terracotta DB comes pre-integrated with microservices adapter, streaming analytics integration, and native XX.

Other improvements:

  • Apama Streaming Analytics platform is now easier for developers to use the Event Processing Language (EPL) and an R plug-in has been added for statistical computing and graphics. This plug-in will simplify the integration with external R servers allowing R scripts to be incorporated within Apama applications.
  • Improvements within Zementis Predictive Analytics ensure seamless integration across Software AG products to access powerful predictive analytics across the Digital Business Platform.
  • With MashZone NextGen, we added significant new visual data analytics capabilities for the Digital Business Platform along with new enhancements in dashboard creation and visual analysis.
  • Cumulocity IoT, which handles device connectivity, integration and management, is Software AG’s most recent addition to its portfolio. Cumulocity IoT adds an interface with LoRa devices through ‘Actility’s ThingPark Wireless’ ensuring connectivity with the best networks for the Internet of Things. The new Data Broker supports trustable data processing between tenants. Cumulocity IoT provides a bi-directional integration with webMethods Integration Cloud to combine device and enterprise data. Cumulocity IoT also includes fully-cloud enabled, pre-packaged IoT solution accelerators to enable enterprises to fast-track their IoT ambitions.

At Software AG Innovation is in our DNA. We make the software that gives our customers the power to change the world… starting with their own. This is who we are. And to help our customers make the future brighter, smarter, simpler and faster with the most independent technology solutions, we need to keep these solutions at the cutting edge. We want to smooth your path, like the Yellow Brick Road.

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