SAG_Twitter_MEME_Orchestrate_Moving_Parts.jpgBecoming a digital organization requires the orchestration of a lot of moving parts; many technologies and business units have to meet and work together in harmony.

From planning, sourcing, production, delivery and service to reverse logistics, each of these functions has unique needs, along with key performance indicators for success measurement and distinct outputs.  Transforming to a digital enterprise requires the integration of business functions with automation and robotics, sensors, streaming analysis and automated actions. 

Information technology will meet operational technology, business stakeholders and IT professionals will work together to deliver on enterprise initiatives. The value chain of the entire manufacturing enterprise will have to be aligned and synchronized to support a digital transformation.  But aligned to what?

Many manufacturing companies rely on management consulting firms to help direct their long-term strategic direction and their digital transformation initiatives.  Consultancy McKinsey has recently determined that there are five priorities of focus needed for manufacturing firms to compete in the era of global digitalization.  

In McKinsey’s paper, the second question is: “Do we have the right assets and capabilities to compete?”

McKinsey said: “Businesses in all industries need to take a fresh look at their assets, including customer relationships and market data, and consider whether there are new ways to make money from them. To do so, they will need advanced digital capabilities, a major source of competitive advantage, and workers with cutting-edge skills are in short supply.”

This is paramount to manufacturers as it directly impacts the strategy and initiatives manufacturers choose to pursue in their digital journeys. To help manufacturers to assess their own digital fitness level, Software AG has launched a Digital Assessment tool which examines their readiness against a benchmark determined through research by Forrester

Using this tool, manufacturerscan now quickly and easily understand their ability to support their digital initiatives and determine if they more or less advanced than their peers.  Specifically, they want to find out if they are ahead of their competitors in the digital race and whether they have the tools to unlock the $3.8 trillion worth of market value (as determined by Cisco).

How digitally fit is your organization?  Benchmark your readiness against your peers today and receive special insights from Forrester by starting here.

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