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We look forward to seeing you at Hannover Messe!

Meet us at Hannover Messe between April 17th-21st where we’ll be showing our software products for your digital transformation. Meet our experts and explore success stories from a range of customers who have succeeded with IoT in developing new, innovative digital services.

Bart Schouw Bart Schouw

Are you an equipment maker and attending Hannover Messe this year? I hope so. Since Hannover Messe opened its doors back in 1947, it has been a must-attend for all equipment manufacturers who are looking for solutions to the challenges that they face in the industry.  

And there are many challenges: changing customer demands, cost pressures, the war for talent, increased competition on a global scale, increased complexity of regulatory compliance. These challenges can be especially difficult to address in an industry that is constantly evolving and becoming more complex. However, at the same time, the emergence of IoT and advanced analytical technologies provide new opportunities for you to overcome these challenges.  

One of the key benefits of these new technologies is their ability to collect and analyze data from a range of sources. This can help you to address your challenges by optimizing your processes, improving product quality, and reducing downtime. For example, IoT sensors can be used to monitor equipment performance in real-time, alerting manufacturers to potential problems before they become major issues. AI algorithms can be used to identify patterns in data, helping manufacturers to make better decisions about everything from product design to supply chain management. In short IoT and analytics allow you to bolster your equipment with advanced solutions.  

At Hannover Messe 2023, you will be able to explore the latest IoT and analytics technologies and learn how they can be applied to your businesses. Software AG will showcase our cutting-edge IoT software platform, Cumulocity IoT, and analytics tooling product, TrendMiner. Through a series of hands-on demonstrations and presentations we’ll demonstrate how IoT applications like remote monitoring, smart field services, performance management, and energy efficiency will support your digital transformation. We will also demonstrate webMethods, and prove why API management and Enterprise Integration are critical capabilities for every company that wants to build rich solutions on top of their equipment.  

Hannover Messe event is an excellent opportunity for equipment manufacturers to find solutions for day-to-day challenges. By attending the event, you can not only connect with suppliers, customers, and other industry experts but also learn about the latest trends and technologies, and discover new ways to optimize processes, improve product quality, and reduce costs.  

 Please do come and see us at our booth; you can find me and my colleagues at the Microsoft, AWS, and SAP booths. We’d be very happy to give you a personal demonstration of our software solutions. If you are interested in making an appointment in advance, please schedule a meeting here. You’ll also see more details about where you will see our technology in action at several of our partner stands. 

I look forward to seeing you @HMI2023!