SAG_Twitter_Organic_MEME_Opportunity.jpgOrganizations are bombarded with fast-moving events that can make or break their profitability – or reputation. Missing out on a hot new trend (think Internet of Things) can spell the end of your business model.

Simultaneously, threats from fraud, supply chain delays or inventory issues can negatively impact your bottom line. There is an answer; real-time analytics means that businesses can now respond to significant events that influence profitability - while they can still influence the outcome.

Real-time analytics, once the exclusive realm of trading desks, is fast becoming the norm for many industries; making it possible for organizations such as Lexmark, Octo and ING to become extremely agile and responsive to fast-moving events in their businesses.

By responding to business events before an opportunity is missed it becomes possible to create new revenue streams and increase customer lifetime value. Being able to respond to a threat before it becomes a problem means you can minimize the risk of fraudulent transactions or reduce the risk of production line failures.

This is why we are inviting you to join us at the Apama user conference on 29 November at Glazier’s Hall in London.

There you will learn:

  • What real-time analytics means for your organization
  • How you can implement predictive models and machine learning in Apama
  • What’s new for Apama for 2017
  • The Apama product roadmap for 2018 and 2019

In addition, an Apama customer will discuss his experiences in implementing real-time analytics for his organization.

This is an event to support our users, and will also appeal to anyone with an interest in Apama or real-time analytics in general. We like to make these events as interactive and informative as possible, so if you have any specific topics you would like to discuss please let us know.

Places are limited so please register your attendance as soon as possible.

Register Here



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