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How to Think of IoT Projects in the Future

IoT projects are often tackled with a technology-first approach. But what if you were to turn that concept on its head and remove IoT from your initial project goals?

Dr. Juergen Kraemer Dr. Juergen Kraemer

Are you not 100% satisfied with your IoT project? I would like to share with you an unusual piece of advice: Stop framing your IoT projects around the technologies that make up “The Internet of Things.”

Why would I say such a thing as the person responsible for Software AG’s IoT? It’s simple: I want to shift your focus toward the benefits IoT can deliver your company and your customers.

Let me explain.

IoT is, essentially, an enabler that helps achieve a desired result. For that reason, IoT should not be at the heart of your strategic considerations. Instead, your goals should focus on the benefit or added value that you would like to achieve.

What could your goals be?

  • I want to have remote access to my customers’ machines to be able to deliver better service, faster.
  • I want to reduce my system’s downtime.
  • I want to make my production line more efficient with energy consumption.
  • I want to have predictive maintenance for machines and vehicles.
  • I want to modernize my business model and offer my machines as Equipment as a Service in the future.

The list could go on and on.

Create resilient revenue with IoT

Now that you’ve formulated your goals, you need to think about how you want to achieve them.

Then is the time to actually think about IoT. Evaluate which technologies will best help you reach your objective. Which devices will help you digitalize your existing machines? Which new machines fit in your digital concept? Which IoT platform is the right one that opens all your options for the future, is scalable, and offers modern analytics functions? Does all data have to be processed in the cloud, or can it be processed on the edge?

And most importantly, which partners can help you achieve the whole thing? Remember: You don’t have to reinvent IoT. Invest in a buy-and-build strategy that delivers fast ROI for you.

If you take this approach, nothing should stand in the way of your success. So, don’t think of your future IoT projects with a technology-forward thought process, but rather as projects with clearly defined goals that are enabled by IoT to achieve added value.