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Happiness is… when you love your job

When you are happy with your job, you are happier with life. Read how Software AG values employee happiness & creates a strong company culture.

Dr. Elke Frank Dr. Elke Frank

As  industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie said: “There is little success where there is little laughter.”

If you smile and laugh often at work, it probably means you are happy with your job. And when you are happy with your job, you are generally happier with your life – and more likely to be successful.

Today, with Covid-19 lockdowns, concerns and health issues, happiness is more important to your wellbeing than ever. Now, more than ever, the lines between work and life can be blurred creating additional conflicts and pressures.

Happiness is not just important to you, but also to your company: Happy workers are more productive, more successful, and more likely to benefit financially. One UK study found that happy workers were 13% more productive.

At Software AG, we value employee happiness. We are committed to offering wellness programs and assistance to our employees to help them get through this tough time in good physical and mental health. Our Employee Assistance Program, for example, is for those times when they need some expert advice, or just a new perspective on a worrying problem.

Corporate culture

Happiness creates a stronger company culture, one where employees feel valued and trusted. At Software AG, we know that our corporate culture reflects our company’s people. At the core of every successful company is a team that believes in the goals of the company. In our case, our people believe in our transformation journey, and our seamlessly connected team. This belief transcends every geographical boundary and binds us together.

But it is not what the company says about itself that lends credibility to its culture. You should listen to its people.

Here is what some of our colleagues have to say about Software AG:

Garima Tater, India: “The company really cares for us, our physical and mental wellbeing.”

Dennis Meister, Germany: “We are all working together, tackling new problems and help to improve the world!”

Dominik Schmitz, Germany: “At Software AG the atmosphere is awesome, there is so much passion and spirit in the company.”

Jessica Teh, Malaysia: “It is always challenging to find a work life balance but, at Software AG, you don’t need to choose between work and family.”

Lyubov Pencheva, Bulgaria: “There is a team spirit atmosphere, a family culture that appreciates individuals, values excellence and promotes innovation.”

Nurul Syuhada Anuar, Malaysia: “There is so much energy to grow, learn and prosper. I keep adding things I like about Software AG!”

Philipp Kern, Germany: “You can see and feel the passion of people working to make Software AG successful.”

Rick Bennett, US: “Our mission, connecting people and technology for a smarter tomorrow, is the reason I get out of bed every day.”

Sonali Anand, India: “Every day is filled with excitement, with new and interesting at work to look forward to.”

Uma Sachdeva, US: “There is a culture of empowerment and the freedom to think outside the box, collaborate and be our very best.”

As Garima said: “It is said that if you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. After coming to SAG I totally agree with this.”

You can watch the Software AG Ambassador videos from the link below.

Happy International Week of Happiness at Work everyone!