SAG_Twitter_Budget_Pressure_Jul17.jpgWhoever said that change is the only constant in life has probably not worked in IT; because every technology department faces two constants: change and budget pressures.

Tightening budgets and an increasing drive for efficiency is causing many organizations to look for ways to consolidate IT infrastructure away from the mainframe.

While there are financial benefits to moving the mainframe, there are costs to each approach – particularly risk, direct expenses and time to execute. On all three of these factors, a growing number of companies are finding that platform re-hosting is the ideal solution. It cuts costs while preserving their unique enterprise applications that have long driven core components of their business.

Adabas & Natural is already well-known for providing enterprise applications with reliably high levels of performance, availability and security. (98% of customers run Adabas & Natural for business-critical applications.) With platform re-hosting to Linux, Unix or Windows (LUW), you can get all the benefits of your mainframe platform at a fraction of the cost, with some important improvements that will help power your Adabas & Natural systems well into the future. And you can do it all without taking on the risk, delay, and cost associated with application rewrites or transformations.

First, consider the unparalleled reliability and speed in moving application code with LUW re-hosting. You change little code – the existing application and data moves from one OS and hardware platform to another. Customers have completed the re-hosting within weeks, not months or years. Once your application code has moved to Natural on LUW, developers can continue to use all the tools they are already familiar with.

Then, think of the benefits of Natural’s cross-platform data connectivity. Since Natural is capable of accessing Adabas and SQL databases on both LUW and the mainframe, you have the freedom to keep your database as-is, or port your data sources when you bring your application over to the new platform.

Apart from the direct financial benefits, which can reach 80% of total IT costs, another great reason to re-host to LUW is to build for the future of your users and developers. Supporting re-hosting is one way we’re realizing the core missions of our A&N 2050+ customer initiative, namely building for the next generation of talent. By re-hosting, developers and users will gain access to tools that help you automatically improve your application’s user interface and improve developer productivity.

Don’t take my word for it. More than 100 customers are already benefitting from re-hosting on LUW.

Alliance Healthcare Deutschland improved platform performance and stability, significantly reduced operating costs, and future-proofed their system with various infrastructure and process scenarios, all without negative impact on high-volume daily operation that exceed 10,000 order positions during peaks.

Santander Bank re-hosted without disrupting ongoing operations, achieving benefits including better process efficiency, cost savings of over 1 million annually, and reducing batch processing throughput times more than 10x.

These are just two success stories. You owe it to yourself, and your budget, to see how you can re-host mainframe applications to LUW. It’s the best way to preserve your investment in Adabas & Natural applications with minimal risk and disruption to your day-to-day business. Get in touch with us to start your move using our proven re-hosting methodology.

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