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See the Future of Adabas & Natural

We’re building on 50 years of bold innovation with big plans for the future of Adabas & Natural into 2050 and beyond.

Guido Falkenberg Guido Falkenberg

2019 is an exciting year for Software AG as we celebrate the company’s 50th birthday. It’s also exciting because we’re building on 50 years of bold innovation with big plans for the future of Adabas & Natural into 2050 and beyond.

I’m encouraging every Adabas & Natural customer to join us for a three-day virtual learning series spanning October 8-10, where we’re bringing together thought leaders, product experts and thousands of peers to chart the path forward for Software AG’s most important products. It’s a chance to see our strategies, understand product roadmaps and take a closer look at new capabilities and features.

There I will share the latest in our ongoing Adabas & Natural 2050+ initiative with innovations including:

  • Extended capabilities for mainframe zIIP offloading to cut costs on high-performing mainframe apps
  • New features to lift and shift Adabas & Natural to the cloud using containers such as Kubernetes® and Docker® for greater flexibility for your future IT landscape
  • Advanced API enablement to expose and consume API REST services quickly and easily
  • Real-time data integration features for actionable intelligence from your business logic

We’ll also have an update on how customers can embrace DevOps with “NaturalONE & Only” for free. It’s time to move off the “green screen editor” and choose the Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment that helps you accelerate delivery of high-value apps.

Finally, because generational change remains an important topic for our customers, we’ll be highlighting more free how-to tutorial videos on, along with a preview of new eLearning material in the first half of 2020. Modern tools plus a diverse array of training materials will help more people master Adabas & Natural to keep your high-performing applications at the heart of your business for years to come.

At the 50th year of Software AG, we’re incredibly proud of the progress to date, but even more excited about the next 50 years. Register for the 2019 product release and be the first on your team to see the future of the products you rely on every day. We look forward to seeing you at the virtual conference!