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Software AG Lends a Helping Hand to Enterprises

As long as we stand together, we can prepare for a return to business as usual.

Sanjay Brahmawar Sanjay Brahmawar

Business as unusual.  This is what is facing every business in the global economy.

This uncertainty is mirrored in our society as a whole, as we collectively face self-isolation. We may be individuals, but at this moment in time we all have a shared narrative.

We can all contribute to supporting people and business in these volatile times. As business leaders, we are also motivated to try and make an impact by helping the world cope with the challenges we are facing in light of the COVID-19 crisis.  

Software AG might not have manufacturing capabilities or medical research facilities, but we can still help alleviate the stresses and strains of business continuity in this discontinuous world. At Software AG, we have the software tools to help businesses address the biggest challenge in the business world today: Survival.

Survival is based on employee health and safety, on re-forging the links in a broken supply chain and, importantly, it is based on serving people who cannot leave their homes. These are the fracture points in the global economy, where business as usual no longer applies. Every industry and enterprise is impacted in some way. We want to help, so we have decided to introduce a series of rapid response initiatives.

The first is ARIS A4, which helps to analyze risks and plan for the future. It will help your company better manage volatile situations and make your business processes more agile. You will be able to analyze your current business situation for risks, define counter-measures and develop a strategy for returning to normality.

The second is Remote Monitoring by Cumulocity IoT and Autosen, an Internet of Things solution that helps use sensors to protect your workers, while assuring critical services. It helps you protect the health of employees and customers, using a ready-to-go self-service package which minimizes future site visits and assures service operations from afar. Click here for your free offer.

These offerings are designed to help your enterprise bypass fracture points as circumstances demand – from e-signing and implementing new home-based company structures and business processes, to rebuilding the broken links in a new supply chain. Or, based on our experience in transforming the retail sector, enriching the customer relationship during self-isolation.

By offering these solutions – and many more – we hope to build long-lasting relationships while lending a helping hand. All contributions, great or small, do matter. From working on the front lines of the crisis in our hospitals to restocking supermarkets. From adapting manufacturing facilities to medical purposes to helping a business adapt to utterly changed circumstances.

Or just by showing your support by singing from your balcony. As long as we stand together, we can prepare for a return to business as usual.