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Celebrate the role of STEM women in history

On Women’s History Month, we celebrate the role of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Watch the video!

Melanie Wold Melanie Wold

The role of women in technology throughout history is undeniable.

Women have been forging a path in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers from early computer programming in the 19th century, to code-breaking during WWII, and the exploration of outer space in 2021.

So, as National Women’s History Month 2021 draws to a close, Software AG wants to inspire women everywhere to embrace a STEM career. On International Day of Women and Girls in Science, I asked three women in technology at Software AG what drew them to their careers.

What they said may surprise you. Two of three had no idea that they would end up in tech, they literally “stumbled” on roles that would propel them into high-powered tech jobs. Nor did they necessarily take STEM-related courses.

Jane Porter, Director of Product Management for IoT & Analytics, went to an arts school – drama, mime, all forms of dance and music. “I assumed that my career would be something to do with the stage,” said Jane.

She joined IBM as a secretary then found she had an aptitude for programming, whereupon the company made her Systems Engineer.

Watch the video here

Kerstin Thürmer, Vice President of Global User Services, thought she would follow in her family’s footsteps and become a teacher. She took languages at university and ended up at IBM, which was looking for multilingual people for its User Help Desk. “I took calls from IBM’s customers all over the world, and I started to learn about technology!”

Watch the video here.

Only Denitza Fuchs, Vice President of ARIS Research and Development, had technology in her sights from the beginning. After university she had the chance to start working at IDS Scheer AG as a student employee. “After finishing university, I started as a full-time employee in the R & D department of IDS Scheer, which – along with ARIS – was later acquired by Software AG!”

You can see her video here

Here at Software AG we love STEM skills but realize that many roles in technology do not require that background, and that other non-technical skills are also very important. Women’s History Month gives us the opportunity to reflect on women’s roles in technology and to encourage all of you to give it a try!