A&N_2050_Vacation_on_Mars_Twitter_MEME.jpgThe year 2050 is just 33 short years away; and, if space pioneers have it their way, we’ll be vacationing on Mars just eight decades after our first small step on the moon.

It’s hard to think of any industry where innovation and proven technologies work closer together than space exploration. And when we design mission-critical systems for future astronauts — or future tourists — on Mars, you can bet they’ll be using technologies perfected generations ago during Apollo.

So, even as we explore new frontiers, we’ll keep relying on proven technologies that exist today. That includes technologies like Adabas & Natural applications, first used in 1971 at the height of the Apollo era. Like NASA, we’re thinking about how to keep mission-critical applications running smoothly for the next generation.

Today, an astounding 98% of customers say that their high-performance Adabas & Natural applications are mission-critical to their business. The core applications are strategic to achieving reliability in daily business while simultaneously helping to transform these companies into nimble digital enterprises. Even if the applications don’t involve rocket science, you can be sure they’re critical to the success of Adabas & Natural users — who rely on speed and agility without compromise and not something that can be replaced with a package, or easily rewritten in other frameworks.

At Software AG, we’re charting a path to the future to ensure Adabas & Natural stays just as relevant, effective, and reliable as it is today. By reusing your investments into the unique Adabas & Natural application logic and high-value data in an agile, digital-ready architecture, you can make the transformation to a digital-software-driven business quickly and with minimal disruption.

The Adabas & Natural 2050+ agenda is designed to keep serving you. Our agenda will help you OPTIMIZE IT operations to reduce costs, MODERNIZE applications for both users and new technologies, and TRANSFORM your business and IT architecture to be digital-software-driven.

We’re making this possible with three focus areas:

  • Continuous innovation in Adabas & Natural technologies through 2050 and beyond. Modernizing your Adabas & Natural applications and development environment means you can access applications with modern web and mobile interfaces, improving user experience and productivity. You can also modernize application development tools, processes, and environment to attract talent and be more responsive to business needs.
  • Education and professional services to help you manage the generational change in workforce. We’re providing a comprehensive Adabas & Natural service portfolio for our customers to support training new talent, as well as managing, modernizing and operating applications.
  • A relentless focus on delivering value to our customers. Adabas & Natural 2050+ gives you multiple ways to reduce operational IT effort and costs whether you choose to stay on the mainframe or move off — including reusing the differentiating business logic and high-value data already in your Adabas & Natural applications in new digital-age business initiatives.

I’d encourage you to visit our Adabas & Natural 2050+ agenda portal to see what we have in store.

Visit our Adabas & Natural portal

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