What does Freedom as a Service mean to Integration?

Software AG’s new tag line “Freedom as a Service” is all about making integration widespread in your organization, while freeing up your data and democratizing it for the masses.

Subhash Ramachandran Subhash Ramachandran

Freedom and democracy are two sides of the same coin – much like APIs and integration. The issue that organizations face today is that their data is not free; it is locked away in siloed systems that are hard to reach. Lack of access to this valuable information prevents them from innovating.

While APIs can free your data, integration can democratize it for the people who want the ability to do it themselves – in a self-service way.  As in government, democracy ensures that the struggle to become free is not short-lived; rather it is followed by the ability to universally participate in the freedom process.  After all, what good is freedom if it is not sustainable and enjoyed by everyone who can enjoy the rights that it offers?

Software AG helps organizations “integrate to innovate” – this is because organizations cannot innovate without solving the integration challenge, even if they already have multiple solutions in place. These systems are often not flexible enough or capable of doing what we can do in a trusted and independent way.

Our integration capabilities allow you to be ready to innovate. You will establish a firm foundation for innovation – with pre-built connectors that provide access to vast amounts data that exist in cloud or on-premises systems.  We enable both technical and business users to innovate by democratizing development using a DIY approach.  Once you integrate, our API capabilities allow you to free your data and make it available securely and with the right controls to fuel development and scale innovation.

This allows your ecosystem to thrive and generates growth by creating new revenue channels.  Finally, we know that business partners are a big part of your ecosystem and our B2B capabilities allow you to transact with trust knowing you’re using the only modern B2B platform that offers full visibility into all types of B2B transactions.

Software AG offers limitless connectivity with apps, devices, sensors, databases, ERPs, B2B partners, mainframes and big data.  We allow APIs and microservices to be easily developed enabling app development and connectivity.  Most of all we are an independent and trusted middleware vendor who is not aligned with any application vendor. We are free as well as open and not chained to any proprietary way of doing business.

I love how our new tag line describes a set of technical concepts which are critical to the success of modern organizations. Freedom as a Service gives you the ability to integrate to innovate.

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