SAG_Twitter_MEME_CorralIntegration is not donkey work; it is complex, essential and a critical element of any modern, well-thought out digital strategy. And any digital strategy worth its salt includes API management; otherwise you will end up corralling your own integration projects.

Pure cloud integration vendors lack complete API management capabilities – which are more than simply consuming APIs published by the cloud app providers. API management gives your organization complete control over API processes, so that you can expose the strategic ones and monetize them.

There are four API capabilities you need to look for from your integration provider: API Portal; API Gateway; API Lifecycle Management and API Consumption Management. That way, APIs can be built on top of mainframe, legacy or ERPs – as these systems contain important data and business logic. The ability to weave these into an API initiative built on pure cloud platforms defeats the whole point of going cloud.

We believe that an important factor in the success of webMethods API Management platform is that we recognize that APIs and integration are interwoven and yet distinctly separate. A proper balance is critical.  While the building of API-based apps is essential for a modern integration strategy, many customers have broader ambitions for APIs, including said monetization.

While our webMethods Integration platform accelerates the ability to build API-based apps, our API Management platform facilitates key aspects of integration. API projects require integration technologies, and API-enabling technologies are essential components in each strategic integration infrastructure.

According to independent research firm Forrester, which has recently named Software AG a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q4 2018*, Software AG’s solution “provides a solid foundation for mature and disciplined API programs.”

Also, Software AG has recently expanded its relationship with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) and will offer some of its key products including application integration, API management, process design & transformation, analytics, and data management to help enterprises drive digital transformation.

Now that’s the opposite of corralling you in! Find out more about webMethods API Cloud by clicking below.


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