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Take an agile approach to embedded finance

Embedded finance is a trend that will significantly change the cooperation of financial services corporations with...

Leverage a digital backbone for better, faster transformation

When you race to digitally transform, you need to pay attention to two high-level fundamental tasks:

From the cloud to thin edge: Why an open approach helps

As the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) grows, the rising number of connected devices and equipment generate an...

Women in BPM: Interview with Sylvia Groenbos, ING Bank

Our goal with the Women in BPM series is to give women a voice. We want to learn about their journeys and get insights into...

Next-level enterprise integration with StreamSets

In business—just like in sports—every so often something comes along that catapults the status quo to a whole new level.

The convergence of data and application integration is here

Over the past 20 years the relationship between hardware, software and data has changed dramatically.

Software AG and StreamSets: Stronger together for our customers

At first glance, it’s an unlikely pairing: a 53-year-old German company and a youthful California startup.

Taking a broader view on modern iPaaS

The integration of applications, data, devices, and processes is critical in order to  stream and store data for instant...

Make revenue more resilient with smart, connected products

Manufacturers are feeling pressure to deliver new products and capabilities faster than ever. Connected products are the...


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